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Fireplace Glass Gallery #2

Converting to FireGlass Provides a Clean Burn and More Heat Than Fake Logs

This fireplace was clearly severely under-utilized...

Fireplace convert fireglass design Fireplace convert fireglass design

But nothing some Starfire Base Glass and Gold Base Glass couldn't fix.

Fireplace convert fireglass design Fireplace convert fireglass design

Fireplace convert fireglass design

Our customer Kayleen Hammerschmidt remodeled her fireplace and we provided the fireglass and steel burner. Here are 2 quick before and after photos.  Great Job Kayleen!

DIY home fireplace remodel with fireglass DIY home fireplace remodel with fireglass

The fireplace below has a Starfire Base Glass with Cobalt Blue Topper. Very nice room remodel!

brenda 2 brenda 1

This fireplace belongs to Dr Bernstein, who got a whole lot of good stuff.  Starting with a double 24" steel fireplace burner, and reflective Sterling Silver panels.

Dr Shula Bernstein Dr Shula Bernstein

The Doctor filled her fireplace with several of our unique FireBalls, and a mixture of two sands, Black Magic and Green Sand.

Dr Shula Bernstein Dr Shula Bernstein

These pictures come to us from our client George Indzheyan.  He has a beautiful modern fireplace that we helped make even better!

George Indzheyan George Indzheyan

George wanted some fireballs, so he placed some similar sized balls in his fireplace first, in order to determine what exactly he wanted.  He then connected his new fireplace burner to his gas outlet, which is as simple as connecting a garden house. 

George Indzheyan George Indzheyan

He lit the burner to make sure everything was going to work as expected and then placed the sand below the burner.

George Indzheyan George Indzheyan

George then added his Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass & Azurlite Base Glass fireglass, Metallic Warm Brown fireplace paint, four 4" inch Dark Brown (Gen1) fireballs ED Teal Diamonds, and Diamonds with a Powder Coated Steel Surround.

George Indzheyan George Indzheyan
George Indzheyan George Indzheyan

George Indzheyan

Here we are in the showroom/ shop and we have two color, Platinum Base Glass and Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass in the same fireplace. We have taken several shots to try to show the color variations.

platinum 20 bronze and platinum 8
bronze and platinum 4 bronze and platinum 5

norm 7

We use a piece of stainless steel in the front to contain the glass to cover the burners and keep the glass level.

The fireplace below has:

A Clear Base Glass with Lime Green Topper, Red ToppingsYellow Amber Toppers and Toppings, Copper Ruby Red Topper, and a hint of Starfire Base Glass to lighten the color up.

ms 2 ms 3
ms 1 ms 4

ms 5

This is how easy it is to install. This is all glass and if you need to build it up a little or a lot then use a filler to save money.


The fireplace below has a Starfire Base Glass with Red Topping and Red Orange Toppings, Scarlett Toppers, Copper Ruby Red Toppers. As you can see the fireplace was 5" deep and 54" wide and yes we did fill it with crushed lava rock.

ds 1 ds 3

ds 4

The fireplace below was on the outside wall of the fireplace above. We also had a Starfire Base Glass with Red Topper and Red Orange Toppings, Scarlett Topper, Copper Ruby Red Toppers. This fireplace was filled 4" to save on the cost of the base glass. If anyone ever tries to tell you different, well tell them *#@!+$% their wrong! This fireplace was also 54" across the front as well.

os 4 os 3
os 5 os 2


The fireplace below is s typical simple install. Clean, fresh coat of high-heat Paint, new double burner and fireglass. This is all Starfire Base Glass over an 18 x 18 burner and 1 can of black paint. This is how simple it really is!

jan 1 jan 6
jan 5 jan 4
jan 3 jan 2

The 2 outdoor fireplaces below are in Northern California at the Hyatt. They called us about soot on the glass. When we looked at the pictures our first thoughts were PROPANE! No these are natural gas. The fix was actually very simple. This was caused by a down draft from the chimney which we partially closed the flue which stopped the down draft and as you can see they are just fine now.

hyatt 1a hyatt 1
hyatt 2a hyatt 2

The fireplace below has a Starfire Base Glass with Ice Ice Ice Topper on top, Pink Diamonds, Pink Drops, Mini Clear Diamonds and a splash of Gold Base Glass for added color. What make our company different is what we have to offer you as a customer, selection and variety!

rod 1 rod 2
rod 3 rod 6
rod 5 rod 7

Here is what the customer had to say:


Sent: Sunday, December 17, 2006 7:38 AM
Subject: My new fireplace

"Ed we love our new fireplace!!
Wow, it is awesome and couldn't have been easier to set up. Made the
purchase late Friday and it took me approx 2 hrs Saturday (while watching
TV) to set up properly including paint and clean up.
I did run into a small problem with the material continuously falling out of
the fireplace . It seemed that I actually used too much material. I was able
to resolve the problem by utilizing the original glass door frame as a
decorative and very functional stop. It is held in place with clear silicon
and the material was allowed to contact and dry into the silicon. ( see pics
) In my case this worked out well as my accent color is Gold Base Glass and so is the
trim piece of the frame. I imagine this can be done on many fireplaces and
the trim can be painted is needed to match. Feel free to use our pictures or
the idea about the trim ( if it is original ) on your web site or sales

Thank you again

Rodney & Therese Williams
Rialto Ca 92377

The fireplace below is a before and after with Starfire Base GlassBelow is what we started with. We can fix anything!

jim 3 jim 2


The fireplace below has a Starfire Base Glass base with Amber Topping, Pink Topping and Orange Topping.

faye 1 faye 3
faye 4 faye 2


The fireplace below has Bronze Base Glass and Bronze Reflective Base Glass with ceramic tile on the outside, very modern and very nice!

bronze 1 bronze 2

bronze 3



The fireplace below was done with a Starfire Base Glass, Super Black Base Glass, Azurlite Base Glass and Azurlite Reflective Base Glass. Pretty creative fireplace!

union city

The fireplace below is a self install by Joyce and Tom Dane from beginning to end. The fireplace was painted, converted and finished with Pink Rosa Base Glass. This is a direct vent fireplace and for those of you who say it can't be done, well you just don't know how!

jd 2 jd 3
jd 4 jd 5

Above you can see they painted the interior and it now looks much better.  The lava filler underneath the burner.

jd 6 jd 7
jd 8 jd 9

Test the burner and pour the glass. There are so many who tell us this can't be done. You can leave the doors on or take the doors off, which ever you prefer.  We actually prefer the doors and screens removed and finish with some sort of surround.

jd 10 jd 11
jd 17 jd 18
jd 13 jd 16

 The fireplace below is in Beverly Hills and is also a self install direct vent fireplace. This fireplace was filled with gold and topped with a few pounds of platinum.

dv 1 dv 2
dv 3 dv 4

The old burner was removed and a new bottom plate was installed.   Test the burner and thermo-coupler.   The Gold Base Glass was added over the lava rock.

dv 5 dv 7
dv 8 dv 9
dv 11 dv 12

And there you have it, fire! If your installer does not understand this then have then call us so we can guide them through the process.


Jay Finkelman from Los Angeles sent us his photos, showing off his 1/4" Starfire Base Glass and 1/4" Clear Base Glass, sprinkled with ICE ICE ICE Topper

Jay Finkelman Jay Finkelman

Jay Finkelman

Eric Amaya from Texas, bought a Double 18" inch Fireplace Burner with some 1/4" Bronze Base Glass, Bronze Reflective Base Glass and Rhubarb Topper.

Eric Amaya Eric Amaya

The fireplace below is a propane self build and installed by Norm Oppliger in St. Louis. It has a 1/4" Starfire Base Glass with 1/2' Starfire on top and topping with:

Aquamarine Light Topper

Turquoise Topper

Cerulean Blue Topping

Copper Blue Topper

Scarlett Topper

Ice Ice Ice Topper

and a few of our Diamonds

one great propane self install Norm!

norm 1 norm 2
norm 3 norm 4
norm 5 norm 7
norm 12 norm 8
norm 11 norm 10

norm 9

Hi Ed,

I finally managed to finish the fireplace. We have decided to place a 2" piece of metal in front (which hasn't been done yet), though, to keep the glass off the ledge. We thought it would be deep enough, but that didn't quite work.

To enable me to keep the center area smooth, we had to place the burner on top of the wall pipe, which created a rather high burner placement. This ended up creating a bit of a problem because I had a steep slope to the hearth. This is why I need to add the metal strip in front--so the glass doesn't roll down and come out of the fireplace. We had decided to not have a glass door on it, although if we find something we really like, that could change.

 The pics might come in 2-3 e-mails, but I'll describe them here. The first few pics are duplicates of ones I already sent you.

1. Original fireplace, emptied out.

2-3. After painting with the dark blue from the chart you guys gave us. The wall was painted to match, although, I'm not sure I really like it. I'm trying to reserve judgement until I see it for awhile.

The damper handle is a brass duck head which wasn't even noticeable when it was all black.

4-5.New burner in place. This created more problems than expected due to the wall pipe being higher than most. We ended up using regular lava rock, since we couldn't find the smaller rocks. Then we added small pea gravel to fill in gaps around the lava rock. After the burner was finally level, we added the sand.

6. Testing the burner with sand added.

7. Clear Base Glass added.

8. Rest of colors were added - Starfire Base Glass, Azurlite Base Glass, Cranberry Pink Topping, with a little Steel Blue Topper and a few Ice Cubes.

9-10. All finished and burning.

We're still working on the right side of this wall which has cabinets holding the TV and storage. Once the entire wall is finished, I'll send you one final pic of the entire wall. Not sure how soon that will happen, so don't wait for it, if you want to post these pics on your website.

I want to thank you for all your help. Your store was great to visit, so we could pick our glass out in person. Your staff was very helpful and we had a great time making our final color choices. I'll will definitely recommend you to others.

 Judi Weers  

Senior Instructor for Art Clay  

PMC Certified e mail any comments or questions to Judi


Another Step by Step pictorial...

judi 1 judi 2
judi 3 judi 4
judi 5 judi 6
judi 7 judi 8
judi 9 judi 10



The fireplace below has a propane burner under all of the sand, Clear Ice Ice Ice Toppper and Dark Cranberry Topper.
mitch 1 mitch 4
mitch 5 mitch 6
mitch 7 mitch 8

mitch 10 mitch 11


The fireplace below has a Starfire Base Glass with Pale Copper Blue Topper and Violet Light Topper.

sparks 2 sparks 3
sparks 6 sparks 4

The fireplace below had Starfire Base Glass installed for a clean simple look. 

family room 1 family room 2


The fireplace below has a Clear Base Glass with Emerald Green Topper. As you can see with this self install how easy it actually is.

fireplace 10 fireplace 20
fireplace 30 fireplace 40




The fireplace below is a propane pan burner with a lava rock fill. You don't want to crush your own lava rock because of the time. You can use larger lava around the edges of the pan but you will want to use crushed lava in the pan up to the surface of the burners. The glass use in this fireplace was a Ford Blue Base Glass with Ford Blue Reflective Base Glass on top. Topped with Clear Pyrite Base Glass and Amber Base Glass accents. The install went very well except for the rock crushing episode.

jm 1 jm 2
jm 3 jm 4
jm 5 jm 6
jm 7

The pictures below are from Iggy in New York. He sent me a picture of his fireplace and asked me what we can do to help him. Well sit down and watch. A new pan, hood, surround, tile and Starfire Base Glass. Nice insert, not! Just like "Nice Logs", not!

iggy 1 iggy 2
iggy 3 iggy 4
iggy 5 iggy 6
iggy 7 iggy 8

Below is a template for the stainless steel pan.|Now we added a pan

iggy 9 iggy 13

Below we added a vent which was taken out years ago.

iggy 15 iggy 16

Above you can see the the key valve and below you don't see it. Because we made a removable panel!

iggy 18 iggy 17
iggy 14 iggy 10
iggy 12 iggy 11
iggy 19 iggy 21
iggy 22 iggy 23

There you have it in Rochester New York, Iggy it looks great.


The fireplace below is a direct vent self installation with a Starfire Base Glass and Hyacinth Topper. There are a few fireplace companies who say this can't be done, really! So I guess this doesn't really didn't happen, did it?

tl 1 tl 2
tl 3 tl 4
tl 5 tl 6
tl 7 tl 8

Above you see all the components that make a direct vent work and below you see the finished product. This was completed by Teresa Leets, an attorney in Los Angeles. So much for those fireplace guys.

tl 9 tl 10




The fireplace below has Starfire Base Glass installed. Actually this is the fireplace of my Farmers Insurance agent. Nice job Adrian!

adrian 2 adrian 1
adrian 5 adrian 4

You can leave the doors on or remove them. If you remove them you should hang on to them as you may want them back one day.

adrian 7 adrian 8

The fireplace below was installed by the customer (Kim Clark) with a remote control, propane burner manufactured by us and topped with Starfire Base Glass. The fireplace was transformed form an ordinary to work of art, nice job!

kim 2 kim 3
kim 5 kim 6
kim 7 kim 8

The picture below has the burner being tested.  This is the remote control on the lower right with the pilot light assembly. We now have fire! 

kim 9 kim 1
kim 10 kim 11
kim 12 kim 13

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We Make Fire Cool!

Moderustic® is proud to have been issued 4 U.S. Patent Numbers
and 2 Patents pending status!  5th one just awarded notice of allowance 10/23/2021
Covering our method of creating tumbled tempered glass for use in fireplaces and fire pits.
Patent Applications Published 2005, 2006, 2014 and 2017 (twice). Worlds most infringed PATENT in WORLD HISTORY!

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